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ART BLOCK. A horrible thing, isn’t it?
Every now and then you might sit there staring at an empty paper with absolutely no idea how to fill it. Your imagination may be assaulted with all kinds of  characters and scenarios, yet when you try to draw you’re dissatisfied with each end result.

Perhaps you feel you’re not good enough or unexpectedly find the act of drawing boring as an actual job. From what we’ve all seen, art block can sneak up on you in different forms. There may be a variety of reasons causing this, but they are all CURABLE.

Of course you can “set up the scene”, play some inspiring music, exercise, loosen up, but the best cure for your art block is very easy to reach now: our app – ART BLOCK CURE! Just start it, tap a button and get a fresh idea, then tap again and another “task” is on. It’s so easy!

Features That Matter

Why You’ll Love Art Block Cure

The Cure

Art Block? Horrible isn't it?

The Cure for your Art Block

Now you can fight art block with just one tap.

Thousands of Ideas

Nothing new today?

Unleash Your Creativity

Get thousands of ideas in an instant!


Just tap a button.

So easy to use!

Yes, it’s that easy to use it.

Make Your life EASIER

Share Your Creations

Our intention is to build a community where everybody, artist, illustrator or just student can post hers/his drawings/doodles, share with everybody else, discuss, rate, like and so on… The community will be a playground for all types of artists that will share their thoughts on your drawings, and very soon you will be building friendships and collaborating with other creators.

At this moment we are working to interconnect our apps with Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and other social media platforms. Enter our newsletter list and we will keep you informed as we progress with our project.

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Easiest Interface

Just start the app and first idea will appear on the screen right away. First you will see a WHO, then a WHAT. Basically you have a description of an action or a situation with a character (well-known). Start drawing! If you are not happy with a suggestion just tap the SHUFFLE! button and another idea will come up on screen. And so on… That’s it. Easy enough?

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Screenshot Candy

Everyone loves looking at eye candy, check out ours.

Who Are We

Philosphy We Strive For

We are a small and ambitious team placing CUSTOMERS first and trying hard to secure their loyalty through top quality service. We value EACH OTHER and seek to help ourselves to achieve our full potential.

We value PROFESSIONALISM and seek EXCELLENCE in everything we do. We do our best to help our COMMUNITIES be better places in which to live, work and grow.

Skills We Use

Objective-C 93%
User Interface 87%
App Design 96%
Swift 90%

Team Members


Worldwide Acknowlegded Photographer and Brainiac Developer


World Best Soccer Player and Genius Programmer


Professional Traveller and Striking Designer

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