How to become an affiliate

and earn a lot of money from Apple, Google and Microsoft

1If you think that Art Block Cure is a great app and you would like to promote it, then the first step is to request a test code from us. That way you can test the app on your device without having to buy it. Just drop us a line using the form below and we will reply immediately with a code. (By using this code you will be able to download the app from the store for free) Don’t forget to leave your contact info! 🙂

2Go to Apple, Google and/or Microsoft affiliated websites (links found below) and complete the form with your contact details. It’s easy, they have instructions, information and FAQ on the websites. As soon as you get the confirmation, you can proceed to Step 3.

3Now you can start promoting Art Block Cure app using your social media channels: Youtube, Facebook, Portfolio website, Instagram, Google+, anything. Just create a promo link on the Apple, Google or Microsoft website and copy/paste it in your posts about Art Block Cure. If your followers or visitors decide to purchase the app, you will receive a commission for each sale of Art Block Cure.

1 – 2 – 3

Start making money with us

The Code

(use the form bellow)

Ask for the code

and use/evaluate Art Block Cure for free

The Application

for a partnership

Apply for an account

to Apple / Google / Microsoft

The money

link, promote, cash

Promote the app

and start making money

1. Ask for the code

and start using/evaluating Art Block Cure app

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2. Apply for an affiliate account

you can apply for only one or for all of them

Microsoft Affiliate

Click the button above and go to the Microsoft Affiliate Program home. Click the apply button and fill in your details.

Apple Affiliate

Click the button above and go to the Apple Affiliate Program. Click the apply button and fill in your details.

Google Program

Details for Google Affiliate program will follow soon. For the moment we do not have our Android app ready. Still working on it…

3. Start earning money

get the link, promote, cash your commission

Now, start making money! Get the promotional links for Art Block Cure from your Apple, Microsoft or Google Affiliate account, use them in your video descriptions, annotations or cards, blog posts, challenges, etc. Whatever you want to use for promoting Art Block Cure is good. Now your followers, fans or visitors of your blog/website will buy the Art Block Cure app, it’s not an expensive one, everybody have $1, right? At this moment you get your commission in your account. Isn’t it easy?

Anyway if you have any question just contact us, we are happy to help you!